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   Services   I   offer :

Energy Healing

Energy Healing is ideal for your pet because it is very gentle, soothing, and noninvasive.  Animals respond intuitively to energy healing. It creates a space where animals can heal themselves emotionally, behaviorally, physically and energetically. Animals will always take what they need the most when the healing energy is offered.

Healthy Diet

Diet  is a major pillar in pet overall health.

I will recommend  the  most   appropriate diet for  your animal .

The  diet that designed to mimic an animal's  natural ancestral menu.

Show you how to do it , what exactly  feed  them

how to prepare , where  to shop.

Herbal Supplements

Herbal supplement will support transition  to health .

I make them for specific  health  problems using fresh herbs or ayurvedic spices. 

What our customers are saying

My dog ‚Äč looks  and feels amazing !!!!

Jazz had several digestive issues and just didn't feel right  .

After couple sessions and changing the diet he start to feel better , he is very playful and happy again .

I m so thankful that  I met Kasia !!!!  

Maya  New York 

Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

One hour Session


Including  Energy  Healing  &  Wellness Consultation


Package  Session 


10 Sessions  

Including  Energy  Healing  &  Wellness  


Save  200$



15 MIN